A Brief Outline of the Center


  The Research Center of Mongolian Studies was established by Ministry of Education, as a unique national level key research base of the humanities and social science study in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It has been constructed jointly by the Ministry of Education, Inner Mongolian Bureau of Education and Inner Mongolia University (IMU). Inner Mongolia University conducts management and daily operation of the center.

  As a research institution, the Centre is subordinate to the IMU. Within the Centre, there are different research groups such as the Research Group of Mongolian Language and Literature, the Research Group of Mongolian History and Culture, the Research Group of Mongolian Society and Economy, and a library shared with the School of Mongolian Studies. The Center director is Professor Chimeddorji; deputy director Uyunbilig; the Administration Secretary Baoguoqing, and there is a librarian, an editor of electronic journal, and a webmaster.

  According to the principles of Ministry of Education to build up key research bases, each researcher employed by the director in the Centre is required to enter the base with assigned projects and appropriated funds, and come out of the base after finishing their projects. Therefore, there is no life-long employment.

  By way of organizing the great important projects, we can make the significant achievements; by way of conducting scientific researches, we can train a number of young and mid-aged scholars in high quality, and even the top academic leaders; by way of interchanging the academic findings and thoughts, we can function as the open window to spread and inhale the latest information; by way of providing useful inquiry service and researching service for people and all levels of government, we become the well-known base of thoughts and ideas; furthermore, by way of intensifying the reforms of scientific research system, we will set up a good example to other colleges and universities. All in all, led by Ministry of Education and supported by every branch of the government, Education Department of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Inner Mongolia University, all researching work of the Centre has been gradually carrying out and obvious progress has taken place, too.


 A Brief Outline of the Center
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